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Tomo-no-ura and Ponyo

^ Tomonoura port, Sōsuke’s home town

^ Ponyo was hiding everywhere around Tomonoura

KTjenB8TqUmi No Okâsan (Mother of the Sea) – Joe Hisaishi, Ponyo SoundtrackKTjenB8Tq

We were initially drawn to Tomonoura by Hayao Miyazaki (co-founder of Studio Ghibli) and his 2008 film ‘Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea’. ‘Ponyo’ was written by Miyazaki after a sojourn in the port town which largely inspired the setting for the film. We hoped Continue reading


Ravello, Italy – Part 2

^ Crest on a wall of Villa Cimbrone

KTjenB8Tq Volare – Dean Martin KTjenB8Tq

Despite the fact I would happily still be in Ravello eating pizza, drinking limoncello cocktails and watching the clouds drift by, I persuaded myself that it would not be in the spirit of curiosity to remain in my little food/sun cocoon and ignore the fascinating places I was surrounded by. Some exploring was necessary. A cruise Continue reading