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Ravello, Italy – Part 2

^ Crest on a wall of Villa Cimbrone

KTjenB8Tq Volare – Dean Martin KTjenB8Tq

Despite the fact I would happily still be in Ravello eating pizza, drinking limoncello cocktails and watching the clouds drift by, I persuaded myself that it would not be in the spirit of curiosity to remain in my little food/sun cocoon and ignore the fascinating places I was surrounded by. Some exploring was necessary. A cruise Continue reading


Ravello, Italy – Part 1

For a first blog post I thought ‘Sure, Italy will do for a warm-up. Short and sweet!’ But one post has quickly grown into two. After using my new (well, nearly new) Canon 550D to take 775 photos over 4 days I’m barely even surprised.

The town of Ravello is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is packed full of artfully decayed buildings cluttered with (*deep breath*) domes, bells, balconies, Continue reading