Zat You, Santa Clause?

**Self indulgent post alert** For the first time since the golden age of Micro Scooters and Harry Potter Lego I have a handful of tangible things to add to my Christmas wish list. Don’t get me wrong, come Christmas morning I love to find a pile of presents under the tree with my name on them. However at this time of the year I’m usually craving contributions to my explorers fund. My travel bug has been satiated, temporarily!!, by my wonderful trip to Japan so right now I’m feeling materialistic…

KTjenB8Tq  ‘Zat you, Santa Clause?’ – Louis Armstrong  KTjenB8Tq

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1. Handmade Art Deco Style Headband by Jevda – Etsy
    Early 20th Century anything is a weakness of mine. So is excellent beading/embroidery. *Drool*.
2. BDG Black Suede Crossbody Saddle Bag – Urban Outfitters
    Sometimes you just need a good black bag. Not too big, not too small. It doesn’t hurt if it’s pretty too.
3. Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe illustrated by Harry Clarke – Amazon
    I’ve always been an admirer of Irish illustrator and stained-glass artist Harry Clarke. Since viewing Clarke’s ‘The Eve of Saint Agnes’ recently at Dublin’s Hugh Land Gallery I’ve been craving more. Harry Clarke was the perfect artist to illustrate Poe. He also emphasised the macabre decadence of the fairy tales of Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Andersen.
4. Lipstick in ‘Captive’ – M.A.C
    My faaaavourite lipstick shade. Unfortunately my tube of ‘Captive’ rolled out of my bag some time I was out being glam… It would go very nicely with the 20s vibe of No. 1.
5. PORTIS Clothes Rack – IKEA
    ‘Can’t see the wood from the trees’ is the best expression to describe my wardrobe at the moment. Or rather ‘can’t see the clothes from… the other clothes…’? If you see me wearing the same outfit several days in a row it’s because I wasn’t bothered rooting behind the first garment that came to my hand. For the fashionista in your life, a clothes will (hopefully) lead to better informed sartorial choices…
6. ‘Oh Comely’ Magazine Subscription
    Magazine subscriptions are a really underrated gift. I LOVE magazines but can never seem to find any that I enjoy on the shelves. ‘Oh Comely’ is chock full of beautiful photography and articles of substance. I usually manage to lay my hand on ‘Oh Comely’ once or twice a year (it’s incredibly   hard to come by, in Ireland anyway), but that is not enough I say!
7. External Hard Drive
    My external hard drive went kaput earlier this year taking all of my pre-2013 photographs with it 😦 I’m sorely in need of a new one to save my computer from being clogged up with photos and films.
8. Grumposaur Pyjamas Set – David & Goliath
    Obligatory Xmas PJs. David & Goliath’s jam-jams are as baby-soft as they claim to be and I had a very tough time choosing just one cute and hilarious pattern to share on this post.
9. Records, records, all of the records!
    I love receiving records as gifts. People put such thought into what kind of music they’re going to share with you. Even if you’ve never heard the music before it’s really special. If you follow the link you’ll come to Dublin’s Freebird Records, my favourite place for a browse.

Naturally this list is non-exhaustive. In fact if I hadn’t been so concerned with having a nice, neat square of pictures I would have included Blankets, a graphic novel by Craig Thompson.

Look out for my Christmas playlist which I’ll be uploading soon 🙂

Happy Black Friday everyone x

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