Ravello, Italy – Part 1

For a first blog post I thought ‘Sure, Italy will do for a warm-up. Short and sweet!’ But one post has quickly grown into two. After using my new (well, nearly new) Canon 550D to take 775 photos over 4 days I’m barely even surprised.

The town of Ravello is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is packed full of artfully decayed buildings cluttered with (*deep breath*) domes, bells, balconies, window-boxes, religious icons, painted tiles, and tiny gardens squeezed into little courtyards. Its hilly, winding, cobbled streets lead down into an old-worldy town square, which looks out into a valley and plays host to the occasional brass band of a quiet Sunday morning. Said band must also compete with the cacophony of church bells that echo across the town for a solid fifteen minutes. I’m making that sound like a bad thing but it really is something to (aurally) behold! At night you shouldn’t be startled to be woken by thunder crashing across the hills, or even the steady flashing of a rolling cloud outside your window, looking like a humongous grumbling belly but strangely emitting no sound. Aside from that, as you can see from the pics, the sun was almost always shining.

The hills of Ravello have been stepped to contain quaint decaying houses and, more importantly, lush vegetable gardens. Every wall you peep over has a different fruit or vegetable growing behind it; lemons, kiwis, aubergines, courgettes. I never thought I’d drool at the sight of a tomato but oh my did they look juicy. And the FOOD, oh my the food…

Italy needs to come with a health warning, or at least a little note on your plane ticket that reminds you to pack your emergency bloating pants alongside your suncream and swimsuits for the times when pizza has made it impossible to close the zipper on your skinny jeans. The first thing I did after stepping off the plane at Naples airport was buy a (completely necessary) slice of pizza from a café in the arrivals hall. I then continued to consume the majority of a full pizza for at least one meal a day for the remainder of the trip. Don’t even get me started on the pasta

^ Tiramisu at Hotel Villa Maria – The one time my camera took precedence over mah belleh…

Of course, the food was a major highlight of my trip and I regret absolutely nothing about seizing every opportunity to sample the local cuisine. When I eventually persuaded myself to stray away from the classics I stumbled across a dish that I will probably spend the next year trying and failing to recreate. At Hotel Villa Maria I was treated to a parcel of the most fresh, flavoursome mozzarella wrapped fan-style in thinly sliced zuchinni straight from their neighbouring vegetable garden. Sadly, said dish never stayed on my plate long enough for me to snap a picture. Even sadder still, my desperate attempts at googling variations on ‘Zuchinni+Mozzarella+Parcel’ have yet to yield any satisfactory results. Any information regarding this delicacy will be rewarded with… my eternal gratitude :3

In my next post I will tackle Villa Cimbrone and the eponymous island of Capri, of pants fame.

Lastly for now, adorable cats, they’re everywhere. x

2 thoughts on “Ravello, Italy – Part 1

  1. Dan

    Motley, I enjoyed your articles (and photos!) on Ravello. In all honesty, you couldn’t have picked a better subject to write about than Ravello. Ravello is easy to remember and hard to forget.



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